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#1 Caribbean Party Boat Rentals & Luxury Yacht Charters
Where are your yachts docked?
Our yachts are docked in different marinas. We will deliver the boat to the closest marina for your convenience.
Do we need to come to your office to sign the agreement?
No, you will complete the contract online.
Can you help us with an itinerary while we are on the boat?
Yes, we can. We will give you personal service by inquiring as to your likes and dislikes and make itinerary suggestions accordingly. Once we are clear on the plan, we will contact the captain and mate and communicate your desires so you can have a fabulous time in the waters.
Do we need to bring any form of payment on the day of the rental?
Yes, you need to bring the credit card you used the time of reservation so we can make a credit card imprint and check identification. No further payment will be needed from you as we will do it all prior to the charter date.
Can we pay the day of the rental?
You can pay with many different forms; Cash, Credit Card, Check, Wire Transfer. Payment must be made 48 hours before the charter commences.
Do we need to pay for the captain and the mate?
No, all our rentals include a captain and 1 mate.
Can we have a chef on the yacht?
Yes, you can hire a chef through us for the time you will be on board to make you special meals. We recommend having chefs on multi-day yacht charters and a steward on a day charter. Depending on your wants and needs, we will cater to it all.
Can you take care of ordering Food & Beverage on the charter for us?
Yes, we will email you a few menus from restaurants and Gourmet Market for you to browse and circle what you want to order; we will take care of the rest for you. A fee may apply.
Can we bring our own Food & Beverage?
Yes, you are allowed, it’s your charter for the day so you may bring whatever you want, we will help you get set up.
Do you cater on board the boat?
Yes, we do depend on the vessel size and the number of people. All charters are different and unique, so please call us for detailed information for your specific needs.
What is the cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel for any reason, you can contact us up to forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled departure time to receive a full refund. After that time period, you may be assessed a cancellation fee equal to thirty (30%) percent of the rental agreement. If we must cancel, monies paid shall be refunded in full by us to the Charterer.
Are we guaranteed to get the boat we reserved even if we book months in advance? 
Yes, we guarantee that, even if due to unforeseen circumstances a particular boat is not available, we will have the same boat (or better) available for you.  We will never downgrade your boat to anything smaller than what you booked.
Are all your boats insured?
Yes, all our boats are insured by the owner. The Owner shall keep the boat fully insured for the full term of the rental period. The owner’s insurance policy, however, does not cover Renter’s protection and indemnity during the term of the rental, and Renter is responsible for obtaining such coverage if desired. Renter shall not violate the terms of the Owner’s insurance policy, including, without limitation, the navigational limits it imposes.
Am I allowed to smoke on the yacht?
Smoking is not allowed inside the yacht only in outside spaces.
Can I bring any pets on the yacht?
Pets are not allowed onboard the yacht.
Can I charter the boat without a captain?
Yes, we allow “bareboat” charters. All our yachts come fully crewed with a captain and a mate. The crew aboard is there to maximize your enjoyment. Children under the age of 13 are not permitted onboard without the direct supervision of a nanny or adult guest at all times. We recommend hiring an extra mate specifically for child care for an additional fee.
How long is a rental period?
Half-day rental is up to 4 hours. Full day charter is up to 8 hours. We also do multi-day rentals to Bahamas, Cartagena, Panama City etc….You will have to set up the time prior to the day of rental and your multi-day rental cannot be canceled unless due to weather conditions.
Can we see the boat before we rent it?
Yes, we can show you as many boats as we are in the marina at any moment. Our yachts are in Nassau, Cartagena, Cancun and Panama City.
How many passengers can we have onboard a yacht?
Please, feel free to call us for more options for vessels that we can accommodate a larger party.
How much should we give the captain & mate for gratuity?
A crew gratuity of 10% – 20% of the base charter rate is customary but given at the sole discretion of the Renter. On multi-day rentals, a minimum of 15% will be added to the invoice unless otherwise specified by the charterer in advance.
Can we rent a jet ski?
Yes, we can call a company to deliver & pick up a jet ski to your boat wherever you are at the moment. You may rent it by the hour. Renting a jet ski or any type of watercraft is only possible when chartering one of our yachts. Keep in mind some of our yachts have a jet ski included.
Do we need Passport on board a yacht charter?
Only if you are leaving the waters of one country and going to another. In this case, everyone on the yacht is required to have their unexpired passport with them.