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Three Reasons to Charter a Yacht in the Caribbean

1. Caribbean Climate

Not many places on Globe can boast a more desirable climate for yacht charters like the Caribbean! All year the mild breeze and average temperatures of 30°C along the Caribbean coastline present optimal navigation conditions. Governed by a Caribbean climate, the dry summers are full of sunshine, with islands such as Bahamas averaging 2,500 hours of sun per year! When renting a boat in this season, however, you should keep in mind the Caribbean wind.

2. Caribbean Islands Hopping

Hopping around the stunning and diverse islands of Caribbean’s has never been easier. With your own boat, you can sail from island to island picking and choosing which ones suit you best. If you’ve enjoyed the lazy life aboard your yacht and fancy something active, why not head to Bahamas, Panama, Cartagena, or wherever on the Caribbean paradise where biking and trekking are an adventurer’s dream! Or maybe you want to delve into some island history and head to the mysterious islands around the city of Cartagena Colombia, which has only recently been opened up to tourists after serving as a military base for over 30 years. There are endless opportunities with a yacht charter in Colombia, as you can tailor your navigation route to suit your group, with something there for everyone on board.

3. Colombia’s Beaches

We all know that on a sailing holiday it’s not just choosing the right yacht to rent that matters, but also the patches of glistening sand where you will moor the boat and sit sipping cocktails, watching the sunset over the ocean. Colombia triumphs here; with enchanting white pebbled coves and luscious, long stretches of golden sand, it has an overwhelming array of options. What’re more its beaches (Playa Blanca and Islas Del Rosarios) are ranked in the top 5 for Caribbeans’ cleanest beaches! Hop on your yacht and set sail to postcard-worthy from Mucura Island, with a glorious sandy shoreline bordering the sparkling, translucent waters of the Caribbean.

Flavours of the Caribbean Coast

A Caribbean Yacht Club yacht charter will open your eyes to a magnificent cuisine that does not disappoint! Here are a few regional specialties that you must try:

The food is delicious!
The seafood available on the islands is about as good and as fresh as any you’re likely to find in the Caribbean, and it’s so plentiful that you even get fisherman anchoring their boats alongside yours to sell you some fresh-out-of-the-sea lobster or shellfish.