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Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Yacht Charter In The Caribbean!

THE CARIBBEAN YACHT CLUB has the largest fleet in all Caribbean Top Destinations with over 150 luxury Charter Yachts, Motorboats and Sailing Vessels to choose from for your next party boat rental in Caribbe. We offer an unlimited selection of Yacht Charters, with each tailored to your desire. Whether you want to relax in the sun aboard your own luxury Yacht in all Caribbean Top Destinations, explore Caribbean beaches, discover beautiful islands, or celebrate a special event in your life, we have a rental boat for you!

The Number One Reason You Should (Do) THE CARIBBEAN YACHT CHARTER

Let us provide you with an amazing experience in one of the most beautiful escapades that the Caribbean has to offer. Go around the Caribbean Islands in one of our Luxurious Yachts this month. We have a wide range of boats from which to choose, and our fleet is updated every month with fresh and exciting options! When you are ready to plan your ultimate party boat experience, let us be your guide. Simply contact us, and we will do all the work for you. All of our boat rental packages are not only affordable but priced 30% less than any other Caribbean yacht charter company. No matter how small your question is, pleased, do not hesitate to contact us through this website or via phone & WhatsApp.


Yacht Charters on Caribbe has put together many affordable Caribbean Boat Rental destinations and themes for your cruising adventure. We specialize in Day Yacht Charters in all Caribbean Top Destinations. Most of our guests are looking for the opportunity to get out on the water onboard a private luxury yacht. Whether you are looking to celebrate a Birthday, an Anniversary, Bachelor or Bachelorette party, TV commercial or Music Video shoot, Sunset Cruise, Sandbar Party, a Marriage Proposal, Renew Vows, semi-secluded Island Hopping, Star Island tour; or perhaps a small destination wedding on a yacht – we can help you arrange all the details for a seamless stress-free event. We offer many price specials throughout the year, check out our online prices for the most affordable option on our yachts for charter in all Caribbean Top Destinations.
Get Out on the Water Today! Rent a Charter Yacht and enjoy a fun-filled day!


Girls just want to have fun…on a yacht charter in all Caribbean Top Destinations for their Bachelorette Party on Caribbe! Enjoy a sun-drenched day on the water on your own private yacht. Make this Bachelorette party memorable!
Chartering a yacht in all Caribbean Top Destinations is a great choice for the ultimate in privacy – you get the entire yacht to yourselves. You can cruise, swim, jet ski, relax, suntan, and take in the wonderful sights of Caribbe from your private yacht charter. Our sandbars offer a party on the water with hundreds of local boaters and other charter boats. The party atmosphere is sizzling hot with music, food, and fun! The sandbar water is clean and clear and offers a great shallow setting to walk around on the sand shoal. Get ready to party at the sandbar!

5 Ways THE CARIBBEAN YACHT CHARTER Will Help You Get More Business

Have Your Bachelor Party on a Boat in all Caribbean Top Destinations! Looking for some fun-in-the-sun time while in Caribbe and want to avoid the overcrowded beaches? Charter a private yacht for you and the guys for a fun-filled day on the water cruising in all Caribbean Top Destinations. Stop along the route to swim and jet ski, or just relax and take in the scenery. Looking for a party on the water? Then stop at Caribbean Beach for a sandbar party! Music, bikini-clad girls, and party with hundreds of other boats. Your last big fling should be fun and memorable…Get Out On The Water Today! The Caribbean is one of the hottest party destinations and is the place you want to be for your bachelor party and your last big ‘hoorah’ as a single man. The Caribbean is the perfect choice for you to have an amazing bachelor party. Cartagena, Nassau, Panama City or Cancun is a mecca hot spot where the nightlife is sizzling-hot with a beautiful beach, super trendy hotels, lavish bars, 5-star restaurants, lounges, and nightclubs. All Caribbe is made for bachelor parties and offers everything to have the best Caribbean Bachelor party possible, but no trip to the Caribbean Top Destinations is complete without time spent out on the water in a private yacht charter. Why settle for the typical gentlemen’s club or hotel pool party when you can charter a yacht and head over to one of the sandbars in Caribbe where there is a party on the water with hundreds of boats, girls in bikinis (or less,) loud music, jet skis, and a gorgeous ocean backdrop.


While the nightlife never ends in Cartagena, Nassau, Panama City or Cancun, plan your daily activities and get out on the water in a yacht charter to all Caribbean Top Destinations.